PT. Sarana Dunia Pendingin


To support our customers and giving total solutions,SDP specializing manufacture of an insulation panel manufacturing equipment for the production of coldroom panel.
By using a complete production equipments, experienced employees, with the best quality materials and equipped with strict quality controls in each sub-production, makes the final results and products that meet the standards of customer satisfaction.

Production schedule prepared in accordance with customer deadlines and schedule, ensure that services provided were at the time of production and timely delivery.

Our manufacturer services begin with material selection, state of the art production technology, quality control, installation and after sales service.

Business Line

The succeed of a project is not only measured by how the project developed, but also in how it designed, built and outfitted.

Spare Parts Centre
To ensure our service quality, we always provide genuine spare parts that we believe will maximize customer’s cooling equipment conditions.

SDP is a values-based consulting engineering and sciences company. We are always create and deliver better solutions to our client and committed to improving the communities in which we work.

Maintenance and Services
Maintenance and Service is a division owned by the SDP, where we provide routine maintenance services and handling trouble faced by our clients.

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